I leave for Auckland at the end of this month, and it still hasn't sunk in. Probably because I'm still trying to find a place to LIVE. Turns out looking for a flat/flatmate abroad is not an easy task. Everyone wants to see you in person or something ridiculous like that. LIKE THERE ARE LIARS ON THE INTERNET? WHAT. Okay. I have a blog, I'm legitimate.

In other news. I don't feel like I accomplished much this month... mainly because I wanted to find a place to live and then I didn't so now I feel like a failure. But there's still time. And it has to happen or else I guess I'll just rack up a huge bill in a hotel somewhere and come back homeless. So. Something will happen.

Other things besides finding a place to live that I accomplished this month:
-Uploaded a couple videos to my Youtube Channel
-Bought a cool backpack and beautiful boots for NZ
-Read a crap ton of books (notably: Cress, Into the Still Blue, and Ignite Me)
-Worked a lot on my mental health
         aka read this book, watched a lot of TED talks, and just watched this talk on negativity.
-Routinely did exercises every day. hello stronger body.
-Wrote in my journal every night. I started this on March 1st, and have kept it up so far. Helps my mind unwind at the end of the day.
-Passed 1,000 subscribers on my YT channel. Cray.
-Did my duties as bridesmaid at my brother's wedding. I may have tripped, but I also rallied. So.
-Found a SD card that I lost after shooting for 9 hours. I cried.
-I did not die. This was a stressful month so I consider that a big accomplishment. ;)


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