Morning skin routine.

I talked last week about my new found love of skincare. I really enjoy it more than putting on make-up at this point. [Sidenote: it is really hard to type a post while listening to fancy by Iggy Azalea & Charli XCX] So, I thought I would share my actual morning routine. Kind of. Some mornings I wake up late (on purpose) and just throw on some foundation and I'm out the door. At night, though, I frown at myself in the mirror. But as I've been not waking up 7 am lately, I've had my little time slot for cleaning my face in the morning. This actually does not take very long, but I'm used to taking 5 minutes for bathroom, brushing teeth, and applying makeup... so. Clearly, I'm a rockstar.

Moving on. Here, friends, is what I use in the morning to clean my face. First, you need a clean slate! See below [hint- natural light is a wonder for your skin ;)] :

I'm looking a bit cheesy. Time to wash.

Oooh so fresh, so nice. So, I start with my little enzyme cleansing gel that I bought back in AUGUST AND IS STILL GOING STRONG. I think this will last a year. I like using this in the morning mainly because its so gentle, easy, and fast. It just feels so smooth on my face. After that I use my Korres pomegranate toner which I don't have too much of an opinion on yet, but I think I like it. It says for oily/combination skin. I'm not too oily, but I think it's fine for me anyways. After that, its time for some kind of oil, serum, etc. I use this ole henriksen serum mainly because i got it in my Glossybox. It is really expensive, so I probably won't buy it after I use it up. But, I like it well enough. For my daily moisturizer I've been trying out this FAB ultra repair beauty cream. I think this stuff is going to be really amazing. It is very hyped up right now, and so I bought the little sample instead of 32$ jar of it (kill me), but I really think it has transformed my skin a bit...

So, what do you think? What products do you use? Interested to see what I use at night?


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