April Catch-Up

I told myself I was going to document more of March & April and so far I haven't kept my promise to myself. One day. One day.

A week or two ago, I was driving home from work and I saw a big smoke cloud. I thought wow. pollution. hello, houston. Until I realized it was a reeeeeaaalllyyy big cloud of smoke. Like a fire cloud. So as I'm driving I'm like oh god, that's by University of Houston and started to frantically call John who was in the library studying. He was clueless, and I realized it was past the university. So as I get home, I find out it's the building right across the street from my old apartment complex (aka where i was living four months ago). A FIVE ALARM FIRE. It still stresses me out to think about it. Thank God, no one was hurt. Life is scary.

Our last flag football game was this past thursday. I only played in the first game because a) i got hit in the tooth and b) my legs were injured anyways. BUT i did attend most of the games to root for our team. AND I caught the ball in the first game, so that counts for something.
My friend Alex & I met up at Jus Mac and had a delicious lunch of macaroni. What else? It is glorious.

Also, I have been really into face masks. I make my friends and parents do them with me because why not? This is life. It's time to have nice skin!

So that's a little bit of what I've been up to.


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